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Commando Training Camp Christmas Batch Schedule 2022 - Age group 7 to 17 years

Courses Fees Dates
  Fees Start Date End Date  

Basic Courses 1

Rs. 6500/-

25th Dec 2022

28th Dec 2022 Register & Pay Now

Basic Courses 2

Rs. 6500/-

28th Dec 2022

31st Dec 2022 Register & Pay Now

Regular Courses 1

Rs. 10,500/-

25th Dec 2022

31st Dec 2022 Register & Pay Now

Commando T-Shirt, Cap, Food + Dormitory Stay + Google link of photo gallery (1000+ photos & 100 + Videos)
Note - We provide hygienic pure vegetarian food only. (We provide Jain food on request)

Basic Courses

Fees: Rs. 6500/-
Basic Courses 1
16th Oct 2022 to 19th Oct 2022
Basic Courses 2
19th Oct 2022 to 22th Oct 2022
Basic Courses 3
26th Oct 2022 to 29th Oct 2022
Basic Courses 4
30th Oct 2022 to 2nd Nov 20222
Basic Courses 5
2nd Nov 2022 to 5th Nov 2022
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Regular Course

Fees: Rs. 10,500/-
Regular Courses 1
16th Oct 2022 to 22nd Oct 2022
Regular Courses 2
30th Oct 2022 to 5th Nov 2022
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  • Thank you very much Aaryan and team to help the current generation know about the values, their responsibilities, to respect others, to help others, to be punctual, to help yourself...this has been a great experience to my son Soham...he has been always telling us about the camp...all the commando sir's...all the sir's are their role model....expecting these types of camps in near future....thank you one and all...Jai Hind

    - Sachin Pote. (Parent)

  • Mr. Milind and team hats off to you. You guys are doing fabulous job. Our kids are really enjoying the camp. This is like more fun, enjoyment and learning than (मामा च्या गावाला जाउया)

    - Shirish Yewalekar

  • Aaryans CTC -B Team,
    Thanks a lot for ur lovely training n guidance to the kids. We have been associated with you for last 8 -9 yrs. My son had participated in ur sanskar warga too. As usual excellent.Thanks n kudos to ur team.

    - Manisha Anaspure (Parent) - Daughter Dhyanada

  • It's really a proud feeling to hear from my child who is a part of BC Group that he was motivated by team to participate in RC and AC activities as well and complete the act. Thank you team for supporting the child.

    - Falguni Manezes (Parent)

  • Thank you so so very much for the wonderful experience given to our son Siddharth. We are extremely thankful for the food provided. As Siddharth enjoyed it very much. And regarding the activites ..they were tooo good and different experience for him .. as he did it all for the very first time Sir. Thank you and God bless you and your family and Aryan School. Keep going

    - Gairi Gajbar (Parent) (23rd April Basic Course)

  • It was a lovely experience for my son Rishi. I would like to thank the entire team at Aaryan's for bringing about a positive change in our child's life.

    - Chintak Savla (Parent)

  • Dear Mr Milind : It was a wonderfully organised and managed camp as usual ... see you again for upcoming camps ...

    - Rgds Girish Deshpande F/o Vardhan.)

  • I am Father of Arya sohani, one of the participants n my sons 2nd year of participation. These guys are professionals on all aspects. Don't worry so much... every individual is involved in all the activities. No one is left behind. And secondly for once leave your kid alone and let them feel how the world is without us...they will value us more.

    - Mr. Sohani

  • Ty so much Aaryans team for everything you have done for our kids...It was excellent experience fr them...Our commandos nw waiting for next year.

    - Karuna Shah

  • Thanks a lot aaryan team. My kids had an awesome experience. Apart from activities which are not possible for them to perform in general they attained good amount of general knowledge about guns, snakes and drones. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

    - Rohit

  • Thanks a tonnes Aaryans School and team. Kids had a memorable experience and are now back home safe and with added knowledge of being independent self. Loads of self confidence boosting done in the camp to prepare them for glowing and challenging future ahead.

    - Alpana Thakur

  • Thank u very much team, its really amazing experience for my doughter, first time she live alone, it happens only because of you.

    - Rahul Mutha

  • It was the first time my son ever stayed away from home, I am glad he didn't felt home sick. Thanks team for providing valuable opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Based on the pics circulated over the last couple of days, it looks like kids will never forget this lifetime experience in such young life. For us, sending Ishaan to summer camp was a first of a kind to him as well as for us. Even if there's were certain activities not done by him, it was important that he saw that being done by peers. Cos having such experience will only help him in future. We are thankful to you and your team for being an extended family for them. We will look forward to next year's summer camp with even more adventures. Thank you and good luck to all of your team.

    - Praveen Palekar

  • Diving in the fire ring, walking on the fire coal and glass pieces... Amazing, Milind sir, hats off to you and your team.... Last of the series were the most 'iconic' pictures which we 'today's' parents can have.... All these 'normal things', which we forgot to teach them as kids, Aaryans is teaching them.... Thanks

    - Anirudha

  • Thanks to the Aaryan School and team for organizing such an amazing funfilled adventure learning to our kids for their all-round development and taking efforts to keep updating anxious parents with proper media management. Kuddos to all of you...

    - Alpana Thakur

  • Hello Aaryans Team thanks for the pics and updates.... Even though we are concerned and eager to know their well being I am sure they are being taken care of by your team.... I am sure all the kids are going out of their comfort zone to do the activities planned under your care and guidance...I am sure all the kids will look at this as a unique experience that they will cherish and use in their life time. Thanks Again...

    - Bindu Shaikh

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